Tell Me What You See

“Tell me what you see,” he said.

“Okay. There’s a pole about 10 ft. in front of us, and behind the pole, is the ocean,” she responded calmly.

“The ocean?”

“Yeah the ocean. It’s big and all around us. I think the sun will be setting soon too.”

“Oh, is there a beach?” he asked and gripped his white cane a little tighter.

“No, not really,” she said. “Between the pole and the ocean there’s a bunch of big rocks that lead down to the water.”

He breathed deeply and felt the ocean breeze play with his hair. Then, he put his arm around her shoulders. “Tell me what you see.”

“I see you…”

And he leaned in for a kiss.

The Story behind the Story

This piece of flash fiction might sound a little cheesy, but it’s based on a true story. I like walking around a nearby marina. I try to go at busy times, when I can watch kayakers, windsurfers, sailboats, or local festivities. Oh, and can’t forget the 30 Pokemon Go players crowded around a public bathroom that doubles as a PokeStop. Usually, I see something that catches my eye. A few weeks ago, I came across a middle-aged couple, sitting on a bench, and looking at the sea. The woman was describing to the man what she saw. The man was blind and happy, clearly enjoying this moment with his wife. The woman’s descriptions weren’t grandiose or colorful. She kept it simple, even mentioning mundane details like the pole. The moment felt ordinary and casual. It had that sort of everyday beauty that often goes under appreciated. I realized how many things I take for granted in my life; my sight for one. I didn’t necessarily pity the blind man. Instead, I admired his serenity and contentment.

I walked away feeling grateful for the many blessings in my life. Grateful that I can breathe and walk. Grateful that I can write.



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