Goico Lou Will Live Forever in Our Hearts


Nothing is more sad than the death of an illusion.
― Arthur Koestler

Mrs. Henderson was clearly losing the battle against her yard. Weeds had taken over most of it, and the overgrown grass hid a few newspapers scattered across the lawn.

Kate sighed as she picked up yet another newspaper on her driveway. She lazily threw it over the fence to join the others on Mrs. Henderson’s yard. To the dismay of both women, the Tribune never seemed to deliver the paper to the right house. Even after numerous complaints.

All Kate wanted to do was take off her heels and relax in front of the television with a glass of wine, which is exactly what she did. It had been a lousy Monday.

Goico Lou was dead. Kate hadn’t come to terms with her death yet.

A flicker of red and blue danced on the curtain.

 Life wouldn’t be the same. Goico Lou had gotten her through her first major breakup back in high school. She was there through college and her 20’s. She had even taught Kate how to use eyeliner.

The television drowns out the loud knocking outside.

As a teenager, Kate would tape magazine pictures of Lou on her mirror, then she would carefully try to imitate each stroke. Goico Lou would sing as Kate perfected her eyeliner technique.

“Mrs. Henderson, are you inside? Mrs. Henderson?” a deep voice yells.  

Kate sighed as she switched through the television channels. There was no escaping her death. Many networks were running specials on Lou’s life. Most radio stations were playing her best hits, and on social media, everyone was in public mourning.

Kate had never met Goico Lou, but her death shook her to the core. Lou was talented and accomplished, yet old age and happiness evaded her. Kate wondered if the same would be true for herself. As these thoughts weighed on her, the wine bottle gradually became lighter…

The sound of the ambulance siren woke up Kate from her drunken slumber.

She got up right in time to pull back the curtain and see Mrs. Henderson leaving her house for the last time.




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