Major Decisions

“Will liked to live so that no one could find fault with him, and to do that he had to live as nearly like other people as possible.”

—John Steinbeck, East of Eden


“So what are you majoring in?”

“Engineering, but I’m still deciding on my sub-field.”

“WOW! That’s amazing.”


“What are you studying again?”

“I’m pre-med. I really want to be a doctor.”

“Look at you! Seriously though, I know you’ll be great!”


“What’s your college major?”

“Well, I’m a double in English and Econ, but I’m taking my LSAT soon so that I can apply to law school.”

“That’s awesome! I know your family must be so proud!”


“And your major is…?”

“Literature and linguistics.”

“Oh… well that’s…um….that’s nice….”


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Featured photo by Ehimetalor Unuabona on Unsplash.

8 thoughts on “Major Decisions

  1. Oh, how I hated answering that question! (I was a history major, English minor, and no, I didn’t want to teach.) I was tempted to lie and say something like pre-med, but was always afraid the joker asking would be a doctor. 😕

    • Sigh 😔 I know the feeling. Although there was one time someone was actually very excited. Except he thought that studying linguistics meant that I also studied dolphin communication. I came very close to not denying that haha

  2. At my daughter’s Graduation last week (Fine Arts – we don’t major in England, just do a single or sometimes double subject) the Chancellor advised the Graduants do do what they love, do it well and find someone to pay them for it. If you major in Engineering when you don’t like engineering you will never do it well and no-one will pay you for it. I think.

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